General Medicine for the whole family

Our team of dedicated and experienced doctors provide a wealth of knowledge across all areas of medicine. Areas of specialty include Women’s Health, Paediatrics, Geriatric Medicine, Travel Immunisation, Sexual Health, Internal Medicine, Preventative Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease Management, Pulmonary Disease Management and General Medicine.

Medical Acupuncture

Treatment is provided by experienced and qualified general practitioners, who have post graduate qualification in Medical Acupuncture.

Skin Clinics and Surgical Procedures

Our experienced GPs perform Surgical Procedures under local anaesthetics including skin procedures, ingrowing toenail resections, joint injections etc.

Chronic disease management

Including care plans, Health assessments (45-49 years old health assessment, 75+ health assessment), Mental Health plans, disabled health assessment etc.


Medicals including pre employment medicals, Vic Roads driving medicals, Deep sea and Diving medicals (recreational, occupational and professional medicals), pathways to health medicals.

Workcover and TAC

Workcover and TAC medicals and reports.

Nursing support

Registered Nurse services including assisting with minor surgical procedures and emergencies, wound dressings, vaccinations and patient care plans. We have a fully equipped treatment room with nursing support to cater for minor accidents and emergencies.

On-site Pathology

All pathology analysis is performed using a high-tech, automated and accredited laboratory. Test results are sent back directly to the doctor for review.


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Men’s Health

We believe that men’s health is important here at ProHealth. It is recommended that all men over the age of 45 years attend annually for a check-up, particularly if there is a family history of prostate disease, diabetes, cancer or heart disease. An appointment can be made for this by contacting reception. An appointment with the nurse and doctor will be necessary for this health check.

Womens Health

All GPs at ProHealth Family Medical Centre Provide consultations in women’s health. Our Doctors are qualified in sexual and reproductive health and can discuss any issues you may have regarding family planning, contraception, breast health and menopause.Breast examinations are provided and breast self examination is taught. It is recommended that all women have annual breast examination by one of the doctors, and examine their own breasts every month. All women over 50 years should have a mammogram every two years. Your doctor can arrange this.Papscreen recommends that all women aged 18-70 have a cervical pap smear every two years. Pap smear performed by experienced GPs and Clinical Nurse.

Travel Medicine

When planning an overseas trip, it is important to gain accurate information with regard to immunisations needed for the countries being visited, together with preventative advice.Please make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your individual requirements as early as possible in your travel preparations. This is to ensure that sufficient time is allowed to receive the necessary immunisation. Your doctor is able to provide you advice and information on any necessary travel medicine you may need. We also provide you with information and necessary prescription requests. Our practice nurse can administer any required immunisations. You will need an appointment for this.

Iron Infusion

Feeling tired or lacking energy? You may be iron deficient. In some cases taking iron supplements orally isn’t effective or can’t be tolerated. Our GPs can offer iron infusions (IVs) directly into your blood stream.

Mental Health

Prohealth Medical Centre has a Clinical Pyschologists. Our Psychologists is experienced in helping people overcome a range of difficulties through counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Health Assessments

Prevention is the key to good health. ProHealth offers Health Assessments including Diabetes, Asthma, Heart diseases, Cardiovascular risks, Breast, Bowel and Preventative Health & Management including Weight Excess and Hypertension

Overseas Visitors

ProHealth now offers All BUPA members online claiming for their consultations with the GP

Pre-Employment Medicals

Taxi Licence


Allied Health Services:

a) Psychologist b) Podiatrist c) Physiotherapist d) Dietician e) Echo